What do I do?  How can I handle this alone?  What about my job?  Where will the money come from?  How will I get through this paperwork?  These are all valid questions a caregiver may ask themselves.  Having a resource available to help you answer these and other questions as well as to help put things in prospective is invaluable during this critical time in your life.  The caregivers need for reliable information and quality services is paramount as you care for your love one.  The changes can happen gradually or they can happen rapidly.  The caregiver must have resources available to help evaluate the situation in an honest and unbiased way.  When necessary the caregiver may need additional training in areas of caregiving and must know where and how to obtain those necessary caregiving skills.  The caregiver deserves honest, unbiased, informative and relevant information to help make those all important decisions.

Thank You for visiting Boomer3 Solutions website.  Our moto is "Preparation Instead of Procrastination".  Yet, as important as preparation is we also know that sometimes LIFE can change your situation very quickly and you find yourself in a crisis faced with caregiving situations and needs you may not be prepared for.  That can lead to increased stress, anxiety, confusion and even a sense of helplessness.  Few people are prepared for the task and responsibilities involved in caring for a loved one.  The stresses associated with caregiving are varied and many.  They can include financial, environmental, social and emotional stress, just to name a few of the anxieties a family caregiver may be confronted with  when caring for a loved one.

Are You Ready To Be A Caregiver For Your Aging Parents?

Yes, we agree that the best time to make stressful decisions is when there is little or no stress, and we encourage all our clients to do just that.  Decisions that can be made before you are in the heat of the battle, should be made NOW.  Those LIFE changing situations can be lessen with Boomer3 Solutions help in planning for Golden Age Living, either for yourself or a love one.  But if you find yourself in a caregiving crisis, don't worry, Boomer3 Solutions Caregiver Crisis Management Survival Sessions can get you on track and toward a rewarding journey of Golden Age Living.