Need A Speaker for your Senior Group, Support Group, or Civic Organization who is engaging, interesting, and provides concrete strategies and tools that can help immediately? Rita is available to speak to your company, organization,association, or group on a variety of Boomer topics.

A few words about me

Rita McCulloch, Founder and Owner of Boomer3Solutions, LLC brings to the baby boomer community a strong background in Boomer and elder care concerns. Rita is in the business of peace of mind. Through Boomer3Solutions, she offers Golden Age Care Consulting, helping educate, organize and prepare families as thoroughly as possible for the golden age years and minimizing the stress that can be related to caregiving. Rita has built Boomer3Solutions with the motto of “preparation instead of procrastination” and an important set of principles: Compassion, honesty, reliability, and confidentiality.

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Need A Speaker for your Group or Civic Organization

 What do I do?  How can I handle this alone?  What about my job?  Where will the money come from?  How will I get through this paperwork?  These are all valid questions a caregiver may ask themselves.  Having a resource available to help you answer these and other questions as well as to help put things in prospective is invaluable during this critical time in your life.  The caregivers need for reliable information and quality services is paramount as you care for your love one.  The changes can happen gradually or they can happen rapidly.  The caregiver must have resources available to help evaluate the situation in an honest and unbiased way.  When necessary the caregiver may need additional training in areas of caregiving and must know where and how to obtain those necessary caregiving skills.  The caregiver deserves honest, unbiased, informative and relevant information to help make those all important decisions.

Sample Topics
"Aging in the 21st Century" - Discusses the joys and challenges of aging in the 21st century.  How resource availability has changed over the years and how utilization of professional services can assist seniors and their families on the aging journey.
"Feeling Sandwiched In" - Baby Boomers have gained a new name-The Senior Sandwich Generation. What does it mean and how do we cope?  Never before have so many people found themselves, in this unique position - squeezed financially and emotionally between two generations.
"Selecting A Senior Care Facility" - A look at the process of selecting a senior care facility.  Whether you are looking for yourself or you are making the decision for someone you love here are things to consider.  
"Aging In Place" - Aging in place is the overwhelming preference of most seniors, but is it right for you and if so what things should be in place to effectively age in place?