With women representing almost 75% of caregivers, Rita McCulloch concentrates her latest book in the “Before The Stress Begins” series on “What Every Woman Should Know About Caregiving”.  In this book she discusses what women can do to help themselves prepare for the inevitable, caring for an aging family member.  Rita discusses why educating yourself is a key consideration to selfcare as well as to properly managing the stress associated with caring for a  love one.   

Books in the Before The Stress Beginsseries

What Every Woman Should  Know About  Golden Age Care & Caregiving

A Simple Guide To Golden Age Care & Caregiving

With her book Rita McCulloch helps educate, organize and prepare families as thoroughly as possible for the golden age years and minimize the stress associated with golden age caregiving.  This step by step workbook is geared to anyone who wants to get their critical documents in order or to help aging love ones to do so.